A Complete Guide For Carpet Maintenance

Steam cleaning or the ‘hot water extraction method’ is the mother of cleaning techniques,  here hot water, along with a detergent is sprayed onto the carpet in need, discovering the dirt and grime while simultaneously vacuuming the dirty mixture up. These machines are readily available to homeowners and have been used by professionals for years.  There a few problems faced when using carpet steam cleaning. Apart from this, if you can’t do cleaning manually you can use the best carpet cleaner. There are many service providers available online that can help you to clean your carpet.

  • Over wetting the carpet

The steamer should be capable of removing enough water so as to be able to let the carpet dry within the next 12 hours or so, failing to do this could cause the backing to separate or mould to form.

  • Overusing your cleaning solution

A pH level of more than ten could cause damage to the dye as well as the carpet fibres.

  • Choosing sub-standard equipment

With a lot of products on the market cleaning to be the best steam cleaning system out there make sure the product you are getting is up to the job

Overcoming these minor setback is well worth it though, and once you get this method to work for you, it will be evident that you’re carpet has never been this clean.

Steps to achieving a steam cleaned wonderland

We have gone over what not to do, and a few pitfalls to avoid when starting, so let’s see what we should be doing.

  • Pre vacuuming the carpet is a good idea as a lot of the dust and dry particles will be removed making for a faster more efficient use of the steam cleaning equipment of your choice to shine through. When you will search online, you will found that there are many more carpet cleaning machines are available. You can select one as per your needs also.
  • Remove obstacles that might get in the way, I’m talking furniture, toys, books, the sleeping dog whatever it is, move it, an obstacle free workspace is most helpful.

Steps to use steam cleaner

To use the steam cleaner we need to

  1. Fill hot water into the water container of the steam cleaner.
  2. Add the cleaning solution though not so much as to upset the pH level to much (see last section)
  3. Start from a wall (corner) and work back, do not tread over the area of carpet that is already wet. If you have to tread over the carpet wear socks or plastic bags over your feet.
  4. Go over the carpet several times so as to extract as much of the cleaning solution as possible.
  5. Turn on fans, air-conditioners etc. to help dry the carpet as quickly as possible.

Call it steam cleaning, Hot water extraction or by any other name. All you need to know as a homeowner is that hot water extraction is by far the best cleaning method for carpets on the market.